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Freedom from Helplessness

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VALUES (Chapter 13 | vs 7-11)
Anaikatti 1990
VALUES (Bhagavadgita Ch. 13 | vs 7-11)

VALUES - Bhagavadgita Ch.13 (vs 7-11)
Author : Swami Dayananda Saraswati
Place / Year : Anaikatti 1990
# CDs / hrs : 1 CD - 17 Hrs
Language : English
Price : Rs. 200
  • Values become your second nature when they are assimilated. Unless the value of a given value is appreciated by me thoroughly, there is always conflict possible. Prakṛti has given free-will and dharma as a guideline how to use it. Inner maturity is not natural, one doesn't automatically become kind to oneself and others. Growth has to happen through one's own initiative. Attitudes and values are embellishing the mind and make a person an adhikāri for this knowledge.
    The maturity of a person doesn't lie in his knowledge of what is right and wrong, it lies in the understanding of the enormity of the loss that incurs to the person when he/she transgresses dharma ... it reveals lack of assimilation.

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