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Freedom from Helplessness

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Adhikaritvam (Preparedness) Anaikatti 2010

Author : Swami Dayananda Saraswati
Place / Year : Anaikatti 2010
# CDs / hrs : 1 CD - 9 Hrs
Language : English
Price : Rs. 200
  • Knowledge presupposes preparedness – Adhikaritvam - a minimum qualification. You must have a discriminative mind. The qualifications include: viveka, vairagya, shama, dama, uparati, titiksa, shraddha, samadanam, mumuksutvaṃ. One must have a desire for mokṣa. You must have all this. This is the adhikari.
    Since there is no solution to the problem of acceptance of the self except (that) the self is acceptable, not by positive thinking but by knowing. This adhikaritvam is not simple. There is much to grow in terms of compassion; compassion to oneself. It happens when you show compassion to others.

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