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Introduction to Vedanta

Introduction to Vedanta
Bundle: INTRODUCTION to VEDANTA   |   #308
Teacher / Author : Swami Dayananda Saraswati
Place / Year : Recorded @ AVG Anaikatti 1990 / 1995 / 2010
Content / Series : • Preparedness for Self-Knowledge (Adhikaritvam) - 9 Hrs / 2010
• Means of Knowledge (Pramanam) - 10 Hrs / 2010
• Introduction to Vedanta - 11 Hrs / 1995
• Knowledge of Truth (Tattvabodha) - 29 Hrs / 1990
Nos. of Classes : 58 Classes
Language : English
Audio File Format : MP3, 128 kbps, 44.1 kHz
USB Drive Cap. : 8 Gb
Price : Rs.1000

    Self-knowledge presupposes preparedness – adhikaritvam. Vedanta defines the qualified person.

    To gain this self-knowledge, one must have a discriminative mind, an intense desire for freedom and various other requirements. Any knowledge requires a preparation, for which one undergoes a certain education. It is the same with Vedanta which necessitates a certain type of preparation.


    What is nature of knowledge? To understand anything, I need a means of knowledge. What options are available to me when it comes to self-knowledge?

    Vedanta alone reveals the truth of myself to​ ​me. All other means of knowledge operate within their own respective spheres. ​What Vedanta does, they cannot ​do.


    The fundamental problem of a human being is the lack of self-approval. I always try to become something different, constantly seeking approval from others. All my pursuits are expressions of this approval-seeking. But what I really want is to accept myself totally, complete self-acceptance.

    Vedanta is a teaching that makes me see the singularity of I, the significance of I. The teaching is that I am already free. I do not have any real problem at all.


    Tattvabodha is a Prakarana text for a student beginning the study of Vedanta. Vedanta is a highly analysed subject matter and the various, oft-repeated terminologies in the texts, may leave a spiritual neophyte more than a little bewildered.

    A thorough assimilation of Tattvabodha will help one gain a foothold, for any future study of Vedanta.

    «Tattvabodhah helps you appreciate the beauty, profundity and vastness of the vision of Vedanta» Pujya Swamiji

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